Kyle Asher

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About Kyle

Kyle was taken over by the Argentine Tango bug over 8 years ago. He travels to dance sociallly quite frequently. He's been involved in the local community as an organizer and teacher for the past few years after he returned from an extended 6 month trip down to Argentina and Uruguay. He is happy to give you additional details of his experience if you ask.

The Argentine Tango has turned into a passion of his as he now not only travels to dance, but also captures the dance through his photography while he travels. With a focus on connection and form, he has a slightly different idea of the dance in terms of roles, but really strives to make sure those dancing are having a fun time and enjoying themselves. Kyle will usually be accompanied by Caley for the classes.


Private Lessons

Kyle specializes in all levels of Argentine Tango.

541-708-1754 or