Saturday and Sunday November 15 & 16
12:00-5:00 PM Fusion Dance Workshop (one hour break each day)

Cost: 2-day weekend pass $75 by Oct. 31; $90 after Oct. 31. One-day pass $45 by Oct. 31; $50 after. Buy tickets here:

What is fusion? Fusion is about bringing the best from your world whether it is Lindy Hop, Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing, Salsa or Ballroom and bring able to mix it with the best from someone else's world. Whether you're doing the Charleston to some new electro-swing with a partner who knows Balboa or dancing Blues with a Tango dancer to trip-hop, this is a way to easily have fun with any dancer to any style of music.

Luke and Jeannie are trained in over 30 styles of partner dancing and have been teaching internationally in Europe and Canada.

Read More about Luke and Jeannie:

Luke and Jeannie have over 30 years combined dance experience in over 30 different styles of dance.  As a former wrestler, Luke is able to use his martial arts expertise to creatively demonstrate correct body mechanics in his Blues and Lindy Hop classes.  Jeannie comes from a world of Blues, Tango, Modern Dance, Ballet, and Latin dancing.  Luke and Jeannie happened to meet one evening in downtown San Francisco where they discovered that their unique combination of dance styles created an explosive style of dance, both powerful and delicate at the same time.  As international instructors, they aspire to bring passion and confidence to their students wherever they go.  

Luke Weismann started dancing in 1996 and hasn’t been more than 100 yards from his dance shoes since. There are three principles that define Luke’s approach to teaching:
Creativity can be taught most easily in three steps: Imitate, Assimilate, Create.
As a dancer, your main goal is to have the person you’re dancing with now want to dance with you again in the future.
Everything physical that you have ever done, even the way that you walk, informs how you dance and has prepared you for your next class.
Luke uses his students' past experience to explain class concepts so they can learn material quickly and have fun doing it.

As a dancer, Luke's goal is to make the person he's dancing with want to dance with him again and again, and as a teacher, his goal is for any student he teaches to be inspired to continue to dance and to take more classes with him in the future.

Jeannie Lin is a dance instructor based in San Francisco who currently travels the world to teach dance.  With a wide repertoire of dance styles, Jeannie is often seen on the fusion dance floor weaving in and out of styles seamlessly with little effort.  She draws most inspiration from modern dance and tango.

As an instructor, Jeannie places a strong emphasis on partner connection and a highly attuned body awareness.  She breaks down fundamental techniques in a clear, precise manner and enjoys challenging students to take risks by finding innovative ways of co-creating.  Jeannie encourages her students to approach each dance with curiosity, deep listening, and a willingness to play.

Sun, Nov. 9th

Workshops with Jenica and Eric Zimmer, Dave Watson and Jo Ellen Jarvie

1:00 Night Club Two-Step with Eric and Jenica
2:00 Rumba with Dave and Jo Ellen
3:00 Foxtrot with Dave and Jo Ellen

Cost: $15 per workshop; $20 for two; $30 for three*

Contact Cori (541-482-0134) for more info or to schedule private lessons with Dave. Contact Jenica to schedule private lessons with her: [email protected] or (971) 270-8103.

*A portion of the proceeds from Dave Watson's workshops will go USA Dance's Youth Dance Competition.

Saturday Schedule:
2:15 It Takes Two to Tango
4:15 It Takes Two to Tango

Sunday Schedule:
2:15 Dance the Orchestra
4:15 Milonga Class

$80 for Four Classes
$70 for Three Classes
$50 for Two Classes
$30 for One Class
SOU Members 50% off

Contact Jeff for more info or to sign up for private lessons: 541-301-7828

3:00-5:00 Open supervised practice time for Argentine Tango. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays.

Cost: $5

No partner or experience needed.

5:00 Jacob switches dances every two months. Contact him to see which dance they're working on. Drop-ins always welcome! October-November is Bolero.

6:00 Jacob switches dances every month or two. Contact him to see which dance they're working on. Drop-ins always welcome! October-November is East Coast Swing.

Cost: $5 drop-in per person per hour; Discount for two-month session: $50/person for both classes.

6:00-7:30 No partner or experience needed.

Cost: $2/person or $5/family

6:00-7:30 No partner or experience needed.

Cost: $2/person or $5/family