West Coast Swing Group

Private lessons available!

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About the West Coast Swing Group

Focus: This group of talented instructors just likes to have fun! They do one thing, and they do it with style. West Coast Swing is a slow swing, usually danced to contemporary, blues or country/western music. There's lots of room to play and interpret with this dance, and it works well for couples who are at different levels in their dancing.

This group offers three levels of instruction on Thursdays: beginner, beyond beginner and intermediate/advanced. Instructors are Donn and Karen Knokey and Dave Kahn and Chelsea Johnston.

Private Lessons

Donn and Karen Knokey — Beginning to intermediate level ballroom, Country/Western and Wedding dances. Specialists in West Coast Swing and Night Club Two-Step for competitors and social dancers. Donn and Karen's phone number: 541-840-6723.

Chelsea Johnston — Chelsea specializes in West Coast Swing and is the coodinator for the JT Swing team, a varsity West Coast Swing performance team. Contact her at 541-207-6033.